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A standard dental appointment for your horse will include:

         * Full Oral Examination  

         * Assessment of periodontal structures, bite and all teeth

         * Manual filing to maintain bite integrity and remove sharp                 ridges and hooks

         * Removal of wolf teeth

         * Removal of deciduous teeth if required

         * Removal of food packing in incisors

         * Create and maintain a bit comfort area

         * Scaling of canines if required

         * Nutrition and bit advise if required                          Fee:$100

Discounts may apply if treating large number of horses on the same property

If your horse requires additional filing to correct excessive growth or bite abnormalities a quote will be given before commencing work.

More complex procedures will be quoted at time of examination.

Pony Club, Riding School, Equine Dental Education Talks

I am available for Equine Dental Educational talks and presentations. 

These talks include the importance of equine dentistry, common conditions, signs your horse needs a dentists, benefits of dentistry, tools used and the possibility of a demonstration. Depending on time availability I may be able to include horse dental checks

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